TapeBlock Bubble Wrap Bracelet

To make a Bubblewrap bracelet that has color change LED. Also to demonstrate the diffusion properties of Bubble Wrap.


Decorative: LEDs laid out in the shape of an M


  • 3V CR2032 Battery
  • Battery holder
  • Conductive Tape
  • Bubblewrap
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs x 3 color change)
  • Decoration (3 butterflies)

Decorative: LEDs laid out in the shape of a long I


  • Measure a piece of bubble wrap to make sure it is large enough for your wrist.
  • Run two parallel rows of conductive tape along the bubble wrap close to the bottom edge
  • Make sure that the two rows of tape are about 1cm apart and do not touch each other.
  • Take the two legs of an LED put a small bend in the short leg then split the legs apart so that it will sit flat on the bubble wrap.
  • Place 3 LEDs about 3cm apart with the bent leg on one piece of tape and the straight leg on the other piece of tape.
  • Cover the LEDs with a second piece of tape so that each of the legs is sandwiched.
  • Cut away the end piece of the bubble wrap to make it easier to get to the conductive tape
  • Roll the bubblewrap so that the LEDs are in the centre and Hold down the bubble wrap with clear tape
  • Insert the battery carrier into the rolled up bubble wrap with the wires facing out
  • Use conductive tape to attache each of the wires to the two parallel pieces of conductive tape. Turn the Circuit on.
  • Decorate with the Butterflies.
  • Use clear tape to hold the bracelet around the wrist
Decorative: LEDs laid out in the shape of a P

Problems Solving

  • If the LED TapeBlock is not working check that the legs of the LED are touching conductive tape
  • Check that the LEDs are facing the correct direction for the positive and negative
  • Check that the LEDs are all facing the same direction