Problem Solving

With TapeBlocks there is nothing hidden or mysterious so it should be possible to solve most issues by methodically working through a problem solving process. Check the simple things before the more complex. Remember that electronic components are delicate so you may have the circuit correct and the part may not be working.

Decorative: LEDs laid out in the shape of a P
  • To work successfully a circuit needs power and active component connected by a conductive material. The circuit needs to have a clear path with no gaps or crossovers. Check it with a different TapeBlock and see if it works. . Check that there are no gaps in the circuit path.
  • If your circuit is not working check . Turn the component around and see if it works
  • Check if the negative and positive tapes are touching. They should not, there needs to be two separate lines.
  • Does the battery have power? Check that the battery is not flat. Test it on another TapeBlock
  • Check that nothing else is touching the metal parts.
  • Check that the positive and negative are connected correctly
  • Check that all of the components are firmly attached to the tape. Rub them to make a firm connection