Make a Vibration TapeBlock

To make a Vibration LED TapeBlock that will turn the vibration motor on when connected to a Power TapeBlock.


Decorative: LEDs laid out in the shape of an M


  • Vibration motor
  • Conductive Tape
  • Foam Block

Decorative: LEDs laid out in the shape of a long I


  • Take the two wires of a vibration motor and wrap each in a small piece of tape
  • Peel the backing off the vibration motor and stick in the middle of the long side of a foam block.
  • Split the two wires apart and orientate the wires so they run along the centre of one of the long sides of the block
  • Wrap two parallel rows of conductive tape all the way around the foam block and over the top of the wires of the vibration motor.
  • Make sure that the two rows of tape are about 1cm apart and do not touch each other.
Decorative: LEDs laid out in the shape of a P

Problem Solving

  • If the vibration motor TapeBlock is not working check that the wires are touching conductive tape.
  • Make sure that there is tape under and over the wire
  • Check that the conductive end of the wire is touching the conductive tape