Challenging how you think circuits are made and challenging who you think can make them

Wallara STEAM Program

Instructions for the Wallara STEAM program, Ideas and Inspiration. 



  • Download the app SPRK+ education app for a iPhone, Andriod or tablet. (The supplied phones have the app installed.
  • Make sure that the devices are charged
  • Prepare any required materials for the activity

Activities for Driving

Activity 1: Connect and Drive a Sphero


Activity 2: Drive around ramps and mazes



Activity 3: Drive over ramps


Activity 4: Ten pin bowling – knock down TapeBlocks


Activity 5: Paint with Sphero


Activity 6: Make a puppet on a cup


Activity 7: Make music by bumping in to things

Activity 8: Make a bulldozer with a cup to push TapeBlock out of a ring

Activity 9: Make a chariot

 Bee Bot


Bee Bots are a really fun way to introduce computational concepts. The Bee Bot starts with Step by Step in a sequence. There are input into the device using the buttons on the top and then press go.

There are three concepts in all programs

1 Step by Step

2 Choice

3 Repeat

Introducing Bee Bot


Drive through a Maze

The Blue Bot and Rugged Robot

In the kit are a few types of robots. The Blue Bot and Rugged Robot work in a similar way to the bee bot.

Other activities for these devices include adding a pen into the holder or using the bulldozer harness that was supplied. You could also make costumes for the devices. There are coding cards and coding tiles to help remembering the sequence of buttons.


 Electronic Textiles


Activity 1: Threading

Note: the kits have pegs rather than boards to connect to. Place a small piece of conductive tape one each of the wires and then peg the red side the positive on the battery and the black to the negative size on the battery.

Activity 2: Sewn eTextile on with a template

There are screen printed textile kits in the box. These are suitable for people that can sew. To make it slightly easier you can glue the components onto the felt. Don't cover the holes with glue. When sewing sew positive to positive and negative to negative (See the video in activity 3)

Activity 3: Sewn eTextiles



 Laser Cutting


Safty Considerations

Laser cutter burn materials! So there are safety considerations. Make sure that the appropriate risk assessment is undertaken.

  • Ensure that the laser cutter is only used under supervision
  • Ensure that there are appropriate safety equipment accessible including a fire extinguisher and and fire blanket
  • Ensure that there is adequate ventilations. The burning process smells and produces fumes. Some Clients may find it difficult to tolerate
  • Only use laser safe materials. You can cut a range of material, some smell bad and others will produce dangerous fumes.

Using the Emblaser Laser Cutter

The Emblaser Laser Cutter 2 Website This website will give you some information about the laser cutter that you are using and the materials that can be cut. 

Using the Software


Box Making Software

Software Setting for Supplied Materials

Settings screen for the Emblaser 2 using wood. All setting in text as well 

Important settings for 3mm Ply Wood 

Speed: 2

Power: 100

Passes: 4

Optimise cut path: on

When moving the laser cutter and to move boards use >>home

Ideas to Make

  • Key rings
  • Notebook covers
  • Boxes